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Azure Mountain Lake by 2Crazy4Nick Azure Mountain Lake by 2Crazy4Nick
And yet anoter wallpaper~
This one took me about 3,5 hours which included trying out a lot of stuff and creating a displacement map for the water.
This time I used only 2 brushes which are:
Mountain Brushes by :iconscully7491:
and once again Cloud Brushes by :iconjavierzhx:

It's astonishing for me that I made it in such a short time.. When I finally decided to be finished it seemed so much longer to me...

It's at 1920x1080 again but if you want a 16:10 version of it just ask me and I'll provide it for you ;)

I always make sure to upload it at the best time possible *coughs*.. it's nearly 6 AM here.. but I just finished.. I always finish them that late and just CAN'T wait for the next day.

So have fun with it and use it~
In case you want to revise it ASK(!) me beforehand

Finally: :iconfinishedplz:

UPDATE 29.02.2012: After I got some good advice on what to improve I'll work on it.
Be prepared what the changes will be. A changelog will come, I'll upload it as v2 and link them to each other so you can decide which one fits your taste better.
Also I'll allow myself to notify all commentators and ppl who faved this work of my new version to let them decide ;)

Anyway: Thank's for your attention, time and I'm happy about everyone who likes this. Comments are good to see so whoever has to spare a minute or two or even more could just give a trying kind-of-artist some advice to improve his performance.

Thank you!
ZootX Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012
great water reflections!
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February 27, 2012
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